Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hello Bloggerville. I know I haven't posted in awhile, but this apparently has been hell-week. Somebody released a spirit of chaos in my life, and I hate to post a bunch of negative stuff. I won't bore you with all the details, but one factor I can tell you about is that we are another dispatcher short now, so we have 2 full time dispatchers and one part time dispatcher that doesn't even want to work his one night a week for a 24/7 operation. Needless to say, I am working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. I currently have 3 trainees, and the soonest one of them will be ready to go so I can only work 60 hours a week instead of 84, is 2 weeks away. Oh. That's right, I will be working 15.5 hours on Monday, because my other dispatcher has school that night. LOL. So, call it 88.5 hours. And this is the least of what is going on in my life . . .

Just pray for both my spoken and unspoken requests, please.
I appreciate y'all.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving! : )
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of delicious food and many precious memory-making moments. This is your one and only shot at Thanksgiving 2006--make it the best one EVER!
I'm working the first half of today--6am to noon. John just got home at 5:15am this morning, and I thought maybe if I brought Madeline with me, that it might be just a little quieter for John to sleep. So, she is happily watching Harry Potter and waiting for Officer C to bring us some breakfast from Exxon. Okay, Officer C just said Exxon is open, but their deli is closed. Plan B: sending him to McDonald's . . .
Today, we will go to my Momma's house. Christmas is at either mine, my sister's or my brother's house, but Thanksgiving is always at Momma's. That's her holiday. She makes the turkey and dressing and maybe another dish or two. Then the rest of us bring side dishes and desserts. This year is our smaller year, though. My brother and my sister will be at their in-laws' homes for Thanksgiving. So, it will just be me and my little family and my parents. I made a broccoli casserole, squash casserole, and a Tiramisu Cheesecake. And I'm bringing yeast rolls. This is my first time trying out that Tiramisu Cheesecake. Hope it's good. I'm a little disappointed in my broccoli casserole, though. : ( I tried a recipe out ( I usually just make it without a recipe.), and it only made just a 1 quart bowl! I know we have a smaller crowd this year, but this is broccoli casserole! The one thing that everybody likes. :::sigh::: Well, I'll know better next year . . .
Are any of y'all watching the Macy's Parade? It's a family tradition with us. I was reading an article, though, saying that they may have to ground the inflatables due to high winds. I hope they don't. I love all the aspects of that parade--floats included! But at least they can't ground the marching bands. I love those! : )
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Make this day yours! : )

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Lots of things going on . . .

LOL--I started with 4 trainees. One went through the training process and 2 interviews, then didn't show up for her first day of work. Another went through one day of training and then didn't show or call for her next. When she turned her PD shirts in, she said that her husband told her to quit and go to college. Ok. A third one quit yesterday due to health problems. The fourth, Chief doesn't feel very hopeful about. They hired another trainee who had her first day yesterday. I'm thinking this girl might work out. She seems genuinely interested, asks lot of good questions and seems to understand what I'm telling her.

I'm thinking God is trying to teach me a number of lessons at once right now. Pride seems to be number one. I struggle tremendously with this one. Giving things to God and not trying to play tug-of-war, is another. Keeping my mouth SHUT is a big one, too. Today, I'm trying to find something positive to say to counter every negative thing I hear. That's an even bigger challenge than keeping my mouth shut, I think. : D

It feels like a Wednesday. Probably because we have church services tonight. We're having a pie supper too! Yumm! I made a Brownie Sundae Pie with a side of Blue Bell's Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream to bring, and I made an extra one for the PD to have today after lunch. LOL--Madeline also has baton twirling on Tuesdays. I told her that she could either go to baton or church. She voted for PIES. I'm thinking I'm glad she picked the right one--even if for the wrong reasons.

I have a prayer request. A very tragic school bus accident took the lives of 3 children yesterday. There are still many of these kids hospitalized as well. Keep these families in your prayers. I can't imagine how they all must be hurting. Life can change in the blink of an eye, so hug your babies and family close today. ((hugs to all!))

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hello, Bloggerville. Hope you all are having a wonderful day. : )

I'm training again today, but my trainee is doing really well. I'm so pleased!

So, I was so excited about the new Playstation 3 coming out. It's $500, but I was willing to scrimp and pinch to get one eventually. But wait! Apparently, there is some kind of glitch and some of the old games don't play on the new Playstation 3--despite Sony's previous assurances that they would. :::sigh::: Guess I'll have to take very good care of my old Playstation 2. I don't know if the new PS3 will play my beloved Harry Potter games . . .

It's time to do employee evaluations again. Not one of my favorite aspects of my job. I have no problem whatsoever with the strengths portion where I praise my dispatchers. I love that! : ) But in the areas where I have to list weaknesses and still be encouraging, I just agonize over that. I read and re-read and look at those evals from all kinds of angles trying so desperately to be encouraging without sounding too discouraging. It really is a fine line. I think I was just born to be a cheerleader . . .

Does anyone else get hopelessly stuck playing Terri's hangman game??? It's a magnet--I can't stop playing!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Finally! Halloween Pictures : )

Daniel as the Grim Reaper
He had a mask, but he very reasonably left it off for pictures. ; )
Madeline--Scarlett O'Hara
She got Ooohs and Aaahs everywhere we went. ; )
Malachi--the Itsy Bitsy Spider
He LOVED his costume--can you tell? After each picture I took, he'd say, "MY TURN!"
All three of them : )

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Hello Bloggerville!

I know it's been some time since I've posted. I'm training 3 dispatchers. We hired 4, but one lady went through the whole hiring process, including 2 interviews (one with the mayor), and then never showed up for her first day of training--and didn't call, either. What's with that? But I'm finally at the point where I'm sitting in the corner of the room now--mostly just listening in and offering tips and information when needed. I like this stage of training. The first week is SO difficult for me, and requires lots of my patience. But this week is more laid back.

And it's Thursday! But Saturday's a comin'! I normally look forward to Fridays, but I got paid today due to Veteran's Day. But Friday will be good too.

Well, Chief wants to put a camera in my dispatch room, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm sure it's not for me. All I do is sit at a desk all day and dispatch/type on the computer. Borrring. All the same, it just makes me uncomfortable to know that I'm on constant surveillance, y'know? Kind of like a bug under a microscope. Guess I won't be adjusting my clothing any . . . LOL.

I still haven't made the time to drop off the Halloween pictures. I've been carrying around 2 disposable cameras in my purse for over a week!

Hope you all are having a marvelous day! And if you're not, stop and marvel at something! ; )

Friday, November 03, 2006


YAY!!! I made it! It's Friday!

Hope all y'all are doing well today. It's a beautifully crisp day here in the Heart of Dixie! : )

This has been one week, I tell you. We had a really nice Halloween. It was kind of nice to have a day off in the middle of the week. I picked Madeline up from daycare after school and started on her hair for Halloween. She was Scarlett O'Hara (a blond one--LOL), so I gave her beautiful ringlets. Oh, she was so pretty. I can't wait to get the pictures developed, and hopefully I can post them. Daniel was the Grim Reaper. He didn't wear his mask for pictures, but I'm not sure if the hood obstructed his face. But then, he forgot his mask at home. Poor Daniel! Malachi was quite the adorable Itsy Bitsy Spider, replete with hat (LOL). And he never took that hat off the entire night! It was hard to say who the people oohed and ahed over more. We just walked from house to house in our neighborhood. There were lots of folks doing just that--despite the dampness of the evening. And it was warm that night, too. I was kind of glad, because Madeline had more of a warm-weather costume. In the South, you never really know what kind of costume to buy for your kids. If you shop early enough to have a good selection, then you don't know how the weather will be come Halloween night. It could be warm (like it was on Tuesday), or rather cool (like the 28 degrees it was this morning). And they have both kinds of costumes. And if you buy one for warm weather and it turns cold, you don't want to have to wear a jacket over the costume--then, you can't see the costume. Dilemmas, dilemmas . . .

I am a training machine! I think Chief has hired 4 new dispatchers. At first he only wanted me to train them. When I reminded Chief that I'm only here for 5 twelve hour shifts a week, he consented to letting dispatcher 2 to train a couple of nights a week. But I did manage to keep Fridays train free for a bit. It's nice to have one day to relax a little bit. I like working with people, but it is SO hard for me to know perfectly well, frontwards and backwards what needs to be done and to sit back and let my trainee think and remember what needs to be done. It takes LOTS of patience on my part. I sit on my hands a lot. I promise you I did NOT pray for patience! :::sigh::: But I guess I did pray to be more like my Father. So, I guess patience is part of it.

And we've got the politics game going on again. Pray for me as I try to rise above this mess. : )

Y'all have a great day! : )

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