Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well, once again, it's been a GREAT weekend! We learned, we came, and we MEDALED!

We had a great time on Friday in Gulf Shores. The water was too cold, of course, but the kids had the best time in the sand. We came back a little rosier than we left home. Daniel learned that when you put sunscreen on, the eyes should not be ignored. LOL--he looked like a funky racoon.

In Mobile, the kids did SO well!


Service Challenge: GOLD

Bible Reading Challenge: GOLD

Bible Bowl: BRONZE individual (2nd highest in the youth group!)

Song Leading: GOLD

Speech: GOLD

Puppets: SILVER

Chorus: SILVER (I helped organize the chorus)

Bulletin Board: SILVER

Drama: GOLD

For a total of 6 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze! WHOO HOO!

Madeline: (her very first year to compete!)

Bible Reading Challenge: GOLD


Song Leading: SILVER

Speech: GOLD

Chorus: SILVER (with Daniel)

Puppets: SILVER

Scrapbooking: GOLD

Drama: GOLD (with Daniel)

and (drumroll, please!)

Bible Bowl: SILVER! and with the HIGHEST score in the entire youth group! They all got the same questions from age 8 to 18. And Madeline scored higher than any other in our youth group! Her very first year! And her score caused her team to score BRONZE!

For a grand total of 4 Gold, 5 Silver, and 1 Bronze!

We are more proud of our children than we can possibly say! Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Celebrate with me!

We're celebrating in our house! We have two award winners!

Madeline competed on Saturday in a state competition, and her team took first place in two different categories! And in the second one, she didn't drop that baton--not once!

And then Daniel went to his track meet on Tuesday night anbd took 3rd place in the 800 meter run! Whoo hoo!

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