Monday, February 04, 2008

Momma & Madeline Night

Tonight, Madeline & I went to see Hannah Montana in 3D at the movie theater. We were so excited! The movies were all sold out over the weekend, and I despaired of getting to take Madeline. Finally, I found some tickets online (they're 18 DOLLARS APIECE!). I surprised Madeline with them this afternoon after school. She was SOOO excited! She put all of her Hannah Montana clothes on (bra, panties, hat, shirt, capris, socks and body stickers--ALL Hannah Montana). I had to take some pictures.
Here's Madeline and Malachi
(poor Malachi wanted to go with us so badly!)
Here's Madeline posing (LOL!)

Close-up of Madeline

One of Madeline's body stickers.

We had the best time ever! The 3D effects were absolutely phenomenal, and the show itself was very toe-tapping entertainment. All the little girls in the cinema were singing right along with the songs. It was so neat! If you get the opportunity to see that movie in the theater, GO!!

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