Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tennessee Get-Together

Way back in January of 2003, when I was early pregnant with Malachi, I was looking around online for pregnancy info and stumbled onto an online support group for mommas due in September of 2003--an expecting club of sorts. Then, after our babies were born, it became a playgroup of sorts--all online. It was the 2003 September Sprouts Playgroup. We're still chatting online to this day. We've lost a few mommas here and there, and moved to our own private, hosted message board, but we're still basically the same group of ladies. We live all over the U.S. and Canada. Some of the ladies have had some small get-togethers here and there, but nothing major. Until August! We planned for a whole year, and reserved 2 VERY nice chalets in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. 15 families all came together from Texas, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Canada, New York, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Georgia. We had a GREAT time! Here are some pictures! :)

Here are all the mommas.

Malachi cratered as lots of wild Indians capered and squealed around him--LOL!
Kai Cratered!

Madeline and her friend Mallory.
Mallory and Madeline being silly!

Here's the cabin I stayed in.
Cabin 2 (that I stayed in)

And the other big cabin up the hill that some of the other ladies stayed in.
The Big Cabin

One of our late night giggle fests.
Gin with Mallory, Susie S. and Tracie

The Sprouts.
The Sprouts

Daniel playing pool in our cabin.
Daniel playing pool in Cabin 2

Madeline getting out of the hot tub.
Maddiepoppet getting ready to get into the hot tub

Making a cake for the Sprouts' (early) birthday party. Alison has her own business--"Alison's Cakery". So, she let us watch her make the cake. It was so fun! And some of the Sprouts helped decorate it. :)
Watching the cake making.

The finished cake!
The Cake!

Gathering in the kitchen for birthday Ziti (Sooooo good!)
Tons O' Food--(Thanks Maura!)

Malachi liked it too!
Malachi eating The Ziti

Birthday decorations.
Happy Birthday, Sprouts!

Happy Birthday, Sprouts!
Make a wish!

Blowing out the candles.
Blowing out the candles

And we ate cake!

And we had a pinata!!!
The Pinata

Malachi and the pinata

Madeline and the pinata

Broken Pinata

Candy! Candy!
Gathering goodies!

Malachi with my favorite t-shirt on

Madeline and her friend Michaela
The unseperable Madeline and Michaela

Malachi engaging in a pillow fight!
Maura joins the fun with Dante, Blake and Malachi

We had SUCH a fun time! Thanks for looking!

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