Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I know most of you are like, "Yeah, big deal. Just wait till you have to shovel it . . . " But we only get snow maybe once a year, and today was so unexpected! It snowed to beat the band. SOOO fun! Of course I was at the store selling folks milk and bread (they FLOOD the store at the whisper of "snow". I guess they're gonna have milk sandwiches?? ) But John was home with the kids and he took a couple of shots.

He took Malachi out (who had never seen snow!). Malachi was NOT impressed at first. He suspiciously said, "What is THAT?!"

John said, "It's SNOW! Look at it SNOW!"

Malachi was NOT impressed. He hollered for it to "STOP THAT SNOWING!" But once John showed Malachi the lovely things you could do in the snow, Malachi played until his cheeks nearly froze. But he wouldn't let John take his picture ( ), so all I have are the older two.
Daniel & the Snowman (Malachi in the background)
Madeline & the Snowman
Mr. Snowman :)

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