Thursday, November 09, 2006


Hello Bloggerville!

I know it's been some time since I've posted. I'm training 3 dispatchers. We hired 4, but one lady went through the whole hiring process, including 2 interviews (one with the mayor), and then never showed up for her first day of training--and didn't call, either. What's with that? But I'm finally at the point where I'm sitting in the corner of the room now--mostly just listening in and offering tips and information when needed. I like this stage of training. The first week is SO difficult for me, and requires lots of my patience. But this week is more laid back.

And it's Thursday! But Saturday's a comin'! I normally look forward to Fridays, but I got paid today due to Veteran's Day. But Friday will be good too.

Well, Chief wants to put a camera in my dispatch room, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm sure it's not for me. All I do is sit at a desk all day and dispatch/type on the computer. Borrring. All the same, it just makes me uncomfortable to know that I'm on constant surveillance, y'know? Kind of like a bug under a microscope. Guess I won't be adjusting my clothing any . . . LOL.

I still haven't made the time to drop off the Halloween pictures. I've been carrying around 2 disposable cameras in my purse for over a week!

Hope you all are having a marvelous day! And if you're not, stop and marvel at something! ; )

Since I work in a financial institution there's more hours of tape of me than I ever want to know. Yikes, I forgot about making *adjustments*!!! I better be careful!
I love your positive attitude!!
When I worked at Merchants, I was reaching, reaching, reaching back, back back for a form behind me and WHAM! The chair slipped out from underneath me. I hit the floor and was up so fast most folks didn't see me and thankfully, the tape that went from camera to camera wasn't on me at the time... we might have won $10,000!

I think you should put a rubber ducky in the office somewhere and move it everyday so that whoever watches the tape will have something interesting.
This is it, you're gonna be a big star baby. If you can make sitting at a desk interesting-you can make it in the big time!!

LOL-sadly, you will forget all about that camera in time and be making "adjustments" left and right.
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