Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hello, Bloggerville. Hope you all are having a wonderful day. : )

I'm training again today, but my trainee is doing really well. I'm so pleased!

So, I was so excited about the new Playstation 3 coming out. It's $500, but I was willing to scrimp and pinch to get one eventually. But wait! Apparently, there is some kind of glitch and some of the old games don't play on the new Playstation 3--despite Sony's previous assurances that they would. :::sigh::: Guess I'll have to take very good care of my old Playstation 2. I don't know if the new PS3 will play my beloved Harry Potter games . . .

It's time to do employee evaluations again. Not one of my favorite aspects of my job. I have no problem whatsoever with the strengths portion where I praise my dispatchers. I love that! : ) But in the areas where I have to list weaknesses and still be encouraging, I just agonize over that. I read and re-read and look at those evals from all kinds of angles trying so desperately to be encouraging without sounding too discouraging. It really is a fine line. I think I was just born to be a cheerleader . . .

Does anyone else get hopelessly stuck playing Terri's hangman game??? It's a magnet--I can't stop playing!

I'd much rather be a cheerleader, too!

Suppose I need to head back over to Terri's and check in on the story?
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