Friday, November 03, 2006


YAY!!! I made it! It's Friday!

Hope all y'all are doing well today. It's a beautifully crisp day here in the Heart of Dixie! : )

This has been one week, I tell you. We had a really nice Halloween. It was kind of nice to have a day off in the middle of the week. I picked Madeline up from daycare after school and started on her hair for Halloween. She was Scarlett O'Hara (a blond one--LOL), so I gave her beautiful ringlets. Oh, she was so pretty. I can't wait to get the pictures developed, and hopefully I can post them. Daniel was the Grim Reaper. He didn't wear his mask for pictures, but I'm not sure if the hood obstructed his face. But then, he forgot his mask at home. Poor Daniel! Malachi was quite the adorable Itsy Bitsy Spider, replete with hat (LOL). And he never took that hat off the entire night! It was hard to say who the people oohed and ahed over more. We just walked from house to house in our neighborhood. There were lots of folks doing just that--despite the dampness of the evening. And it was warm that night, too. I was kind of glad, because Madeline had more of a warm-weather costume. In the South, you never really know what kind of costume to buy for your kids. If you shop early enough to have a good selection, then you don't know how the weather will be come Halloween night. It could be warm (like it was on Tuesday), or rather cool (like the 28 degrees it was this morning). And they have both kinds of costumes. And if you buy one for warm weather and it turns cold, you don't want to have to wear a jacket over the costume--then, you can't see the costume. Dilemmas, dilemmas . . .

I am a training machine! I think Chief has hired 4 new dispatchers. At first he only wanted me to train them. When I reminded Chief that I'm only here for 5 twelve hour shifts a week, he consented to letting dispatcher 2 to train a couple of nights a week. But I did manage to keep Fridays train free for a bit. It's nice to have one day to relax a little bit. I like working with people, but it is SO hard for me to know perfectly well, frontwards and backwards what needs to be done and to sit back and let my trainee think and remember what needs to be done. It takes LOTS of patience on my part. I sit on my hands a lot. I promise you I did NOT pray for patience! :::sigh::: But I guess I did pray to be more like my Father. So, I guess patience is part of it.

And we've got the politics game going on again. Pray for me as I try to rise above this mess. : )

Y'all have a great day! : )

Hanceville politics just seem to be a little worse than others...
I can't help but notice the excitement in your tone when you say it's a beautiful CRISP day. Crisp is not my forte, you know that! ha ha.... Just had to give you a hard time about it. If it weren't for the freezing cold weather, the day would be perfectly gorgeous. Now, instead, it's beautiful only inside where it's warm! (giggle)
My kids call the Grim Reaper the "Grim Creeper." Somehow they misunderstood the phrase a long time ago and no one has ever corrected them.

Office politics stink. What a great attitude you have however! I know God can pull you right out of the muck!

Hope you had a great weekend.
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