Monday, September 29, 2008

Malachi's 5th Birthday

Happy birthday to my sweet little Cuddlebug!

He likes a cookie cake better than traditional cake. And he wanted a Spiderman one.
Malachi's Birthday Cookie

He's still in his nightshirt. Cookie-cake for breakfast! ;)
Malachi's Birthday Cookie

Malachi with Spiderman

Malachi with Spiderman

Opening his present
Malachi opening present

Malachi opening present

Just what he wanted--Lego Star Wars for Playstation
Malachi's new favorite game!

Madeline comes over for a look.
Malachi's so pleased!

Malachi's showing game off.

"Can I keep the Spiderman?"
Malachi playing with Spiderman

Daniel's got to check it out too.
Learning about the game

Learning about the game

Malachi--5 years old

Madeline eating birthday cookie

Happy Birthday, Malachi!

Daniel hiding behind his Daddy
Daniel hiding from the camera

really enjoyed the pixs


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