Monday, December 17, 2007

ROFL--I love my husband!

He cracks me up! I know, I'm "delighting in evil" here, but it was good.

My husband went to Moxie Java (my very fave coffee place! ) this morning after dropping the kids off to get me my favorite coffee (white chocolate mocha with a shot of caramel) for a surprise. They were apparently quite busy, and John was behind a woman purchasing 13 gift certificates for $10 apiece. They only had very simple gift certificates instead of gift cards, so it was taking a bit of time to handwrite each and every certificate.

The customer was quite rude, saying repeatedly that "I should've just gone to Books-A-Million to buy gift cards! Obviously this was a bad decision! I have to be at the school building by 8am!" and other similar sentiments.

The counter girl was working so hard, scribbling as fast as she possibly could and trying to courteously help the woman, saying things like, "Well, we're so glad you chose us! I'm sure your gift certificate recipients will LOVE their gifts!" Nope. The woman had no patience or Christmas Spirit at ALL.

She kept being rude, and finally my husband spoke up in his soft, drawl:

"No ma'am, you didn't make a bad decision. Books-A-Million doesn't even open up until 9am."

LOL--that shut her up! There was no way she could've gotten gift cards and been at the school building at 8am when BAM doesn't even open until 9am!

Don't you love people who cram "one more thing" into their day until they have no time for humanity.
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