Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back from SELTC

I actually have been kinda busy. Since the PD sent me for that APCO trainer's certification, now that I'm back, I'm actually training 4 people at the same time. Also, we just got back from our yearly trip to Mobile for Daniel's SELTC competition. He got:

Gold in public speaking

Silver in song leading

Bronze with his Bible Bowl team

Bronze individual score in Bible Bowl

Gold in Bible Drama

Gold in video Bible Drama

Gold in puppets

Gold in public Bible reading challenge

Naturally we are VERY proud! And next year, Madeline will be old enough to compete, too! The trip itself was quite challenging. It's a 4.5 hour trip from here to Mobile, and one hour further to Gulf Shores (the beach). The night before our trip, as I was packing, Daniel kept saying he didn't feel well. I chalked it up to him being sleepy and sent him to bed. The next day, he was fine, but Madeline threw up all the way to the beach! No fun. Once we got to the beach she was fine, so we thought she was just carsick. Nope. She threw up all the way to Mobile from the beach. Then, as we get to the hotel and are unpacking, I discover that John has left our hanging bag (with hang-up clothes in it) at home! So, there I stand in my swim suit, t-shirt and jogging pants--not-so-fresh from the beach! Blessedly Madeline & Malachi had all their clothes in suitcases. So, I had to go downstairs to the expensive boutique and try to find us some clothes! I find us some, get showered and changed, and as we sit down in the Bible Bowl room, all of a sudden, I'M sick! And Madeline is sick AGAIN! So, Maddie & I go upstairs, get Sprites, get into our pajamas and crawl into the bed to watch TV. Poor Madeline said in this tiny, pitiful voice, "I feel terrible." On Saturday, she and I felt better. As I'm getting dressed, John knocks coffee over onto my new white shirt (keep in mind, this is the new one from the expensive boutique, that I have yet to wear). So, I wore the same t-shirt as I had worn the night before. We tried to hand wash the white shirt right away, but apparently that was SOME kind of dye-worthy coffee! Most of Saturday went okay until Saturday night. We went out to the Original Oyster House with the rest of the church group. It was good! But as we're leaving, you guessed it--KAI got sick all over himself, his daddy and me! UGH! Sunday morning, I woke up with the worst heartburn I've had in my LIFE! I think it must have scorched my esophagus, because by the time I had some coffee later, it hurt going down. Well, Sunday as we're driving home, guess what? MALACHI throws up all the way home! And of course he has no clean clothes yet, so we had to stop at Walmart and get him something to wear (and scrub out the car thoroughly!) It really was one huge adventurous weekend! And my esophagus is still really uncomfortable (whatever that was about!). If you read all this, you're an angel, but that is where I have been!
Me & my boys. : )
Two friends and Madeline
Daniel & some of the youth group

Malachi burying himself. Malachi & DanielThe youth group and Daniel
Daniel as "The Tin Man" in Bible Drama
Burying Daniel : )
Daniel in chorus

Cute pics and the tan looks good!
Sorry about all the sickness. Glad you had a good time otherwise...and way to go Daniel!
You get to have LTC near the beach? I used to think ours was fun in a Hyatt! Daniel did GREAT!!! Hope everyone is feeling better by now.
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