Saturday, March 17, 2007

Daniel is on his very first date!

I can't believe it. He's 13 y/o and on his first date. It wasn't your typical date, but it is his first date nonetheless, and he's excited. The girl he likes is a member of the local Catholic church, and they were having a St. Patrick's Day dance. She asked him if he wanted to go with her. She paid her way, and Daniel paid his own way, and each parent brought their own child to the church. But John stopped by the store first and picked up a single red rose for Daniel to give to his date. (Can you blame me for loving my husband so much?) I thought that was the sweetest thing--but of course my husband has always been a delicious charmer. But my Daniel will be out at this dance until 11pm. Wow.
: O

It is shocking to me that he is old enough to be dating!!!

I hope he had fun.
Our kids will get to date as soon as the wedding is over.

I am so not kidding.
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