Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Daisy again--

I just got back from seeing Brandon at his 10:30 visitation. Let's go with the good stuff first... His bloodwork came back negative for a bacterial infection. His urine however came back positive. That's nothing the antibiotics can't fix. Also, the fluid from his lungs is still being processed and that will be the thing that really pinpoints any bacterial issues. A chest scan has already been ordered for today so that should happen HOPEFULLY sometime soon. But sometime today either way. Now on to the other stuff.... Brandon's hands have been strapped since his nurse got there at 7:00. Apparantly he sat up enough to lower his head to his hands and almost completely pull out his feeding tube (there was only about 6 inches left to pull out). Then he proceeded to reach for his respirator tube (breathing tube). There goes any special treatment of getting his hands untied. While I was there, Brandon was really fired up. He was yanking and pulling HARD on his hands trying to get them loose from the restraints. He was trying to sit up and I'm thinking do what he did before by sitting up and bending over towards his hand to get that stuff out. It was very nerve racking and upsetting to watch him do all this. The visit was not a pleasant one at all. As Andy and Nana both said (Nana came up there for visitation, Andy didn't make it but I told him over the phone), they both feel that this could be a good sign. It could be that we have "Brandon" back and he's tired and fed up with all that crap all in him. Andy said, "You know how Brandon is. He's probably thinking that he doesn't need all that stuff and that those doctors don't know what they're talking about...he's just fine and can breathe on his own without all those things". True. That does sound like Brandon's way of thinking. Oh, another thing, the nurse had just given Brandon his dose of atavan 15 - 20 minutes before we got there. Maybe it hadn't settled into his system yet. I only stayed 20 minutes....10 of which was spent talking to the nurse. I felt it was better to leave him alone and let him sleep -- less frustration for him that way.

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