Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Here is the latest from Daisy:

I just got back from visiting Brandon. His temp is still up but not as bad as it was. It is at 100.5 at the moment. They are concerned that he has pneumonia in his right lung. It is also partially colapsed. They are planning on doing a bronchoscopy today to go in and clear out some of the blood and fluid in his right lung. From that fluid, they will be able to pinpoint if that lung does indeed have pneumonia. They can not take him off the respirator quite yet because with his lung still being partially collapsed, they're afraid he wouldn't be able to
breathe deep enough to help reinflate it. He was not feeling well at all but seemed slightly better than yesterday (probably the drop in temp helped). He's mad at the restraints on his arms and the respirator tube down his throat. He's also, as can be imagined, extremely uncomfortable. They have him on morphine, atavan and three different antibiotics until they can pinpoint the bacterial infection, in which case the three will narrow down to one. Hope this helps explain things for you. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.


I`m so sorry about your brother-in-law I hope he gets better...I will keep him in my prayers.

Thanks for the update! I will continue to pray.
I'm so sorry to hear about the accident. That must be so difficult for your family. I'll pray for them.
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