Thursday, October 05, 2006

Update Thursday at 10:30am

And again from Daisy at 10:30am . . .

Brandon was doing really well. His CT scan showed that everything inside was improving. He still has the huge contusion on his right lung and it's going to take a lot of really hard work to get it back up and running but there's definitely been some progress. They are also going to try to excavate (remove the breathing tube) this afternoon. They're shooting for 2:30, but no promises of course. He is being weaned off his meds so he can be alert and do what he needs to do when he's excavated. This will definitely cause him to be irritable and very frustrated. He has to stay calm though, or it will mess up his oxygen levels and they won't excavate if his oxygen levels aren't where they need to be. He now has the morphine button, but his atavan has been drastically reduced. So instead of getting to sleep through the horrible condition he's in, he has to be awake and alert for excavating. However, all this is progress. Hopefully by 2:30 it will be out. He will then be forced to cough and breathe deep breaths and have breathing treatments done every hour day or night. This will cause excrutiating pain but if it is not done, the breathing tube goes back in. More updates coming after the 2:30 session.


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