Thursday, October 05, 2006

Update on Brandon for Thursday . . .

Update from Daisy . . .

I called last night at 11:00 and 1:00. At 11:00, they were about to do a 2 hour test on Brandon's ventilator to see how he will react when they take the ventilator out. It's the closest test they can run to give them an idea of how well he would do off the ventilator. He was in pain but had been given medicine shortly before I called (it was the good nurse, that's why). When I called at 1:00, Brandon was being very upset and thrashing around in the bed. When the nurse, Erin, told me, I was like, "Really? Right this second?" and she said "Yes! Like, RIGHT NOW." Then she said, "Brandon calm down, it's ok...lay back down". I told the nurse I wished I could talk to him. She offered to put the phone up to his ear. So when she did, I started telling Brandon that he needed to be calm and just relax. Because the more he slept, the faster time would go by and the more comfortable he would be. If he just would relax and rest, that tube would be out in no time and he'd feel a lot better. Then I started singing our little song that we sing to each other: I love my Doodie, oh yes I do....I love my Doodie, he loves me too....when he's not with me, I'm blue....I love my Doodie, oh yes I do! When I stopped singing and just didn't talk anymore, the nurse picked back up the phone. I said "How is he?" She said, "When you first started talking to him he was nodding, 'Yes' and now it looks like he's asleep." When I called this morning, he was thrashing in the bed again. Poor guy is just fed up with everything. We're hoping the breathing tube will be taken out sometime today but of course all that is dependant on how his lung is looking in the most recent CT scan they took last night.

Keep up the prayers, PLEASE.


Thanks for keeping us updated Susie. Please let Daisy know that we are praying for them.

Missed you all last night!
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