Thursday, October 19, 2006


Well, Hance Vegas made the front page again . . .

I didn't get to post yesterday, because I got off at noon. It was so nice to pick my kids up after school and have the afternoon with them. And Malachi stayed in my lap or hugging my legs all afternoon. He's my little lovebug. And we were able to get dinner and baths out of the way before church--and even get there on time. Then, when we got home, the younger two got to go to bed early, and my older son got to have some one on one time with momma. What a nice day.

Malachi cracked me up yesterday afternoon. My sofa sits in a corner in my living room, so there is a little space behind it. Malachi (my little monkey) hiked himself up and over the top of the couch, landing behind it. We've corrected him on that before. He got behind where I am sitting on the couch and said, "Mommy, help me! Help me!" I told him I am not helping him, because he knew he wasn't supposed to get back there in the first place. A pause, then he replied, "I love you, byebye!" My oldest son and I sat shaking with silent giggles at that. Then, the little devil squeezed himself out at the side of the sofa! What would I do without kidgiggles?

My grandmother and my aunt are driving up from Houston this weekend. If you will, say an extra prayer for safe travel. We will be so glad to see them! I love very little in this world more than to sit surrounded by my entire extended family and sing with them. It lifts my spirits to a level not often reached. I know I've said it before, but I'm convinced that when we get to Heaven, we will all sing, talk and laugh. I can't wait! : )

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