Thursday, October 12, 2006


Have I mentioned I love Thursdays? The kids and I have NOWHERE we have to be tonight. YAY! Maybe I can make it to bed a bit earlier. I know I must sound like a broken record, but I never get to bed at a decent hour. There are only so many hours in the day. And I'm just gonna rant a little bit. I've got two of them.

What is with these teachers giving so much homework on Wednesday nights? I know it may be different in other towns or cities, but in our town, lots of kids go to church on Wednesday nights. And most of the teachers here are Christians. Why would Wednesday night be the biggest homework night of the week? By the time Daniel & I were finished with church, dinner, and homework, it was almost 11pm! I was not the happy camper.

My second rant involves a sermon that I heard recently. One of the speaker's pet peeves was parents that let their children stay home to finish homework instead of going to church. May I also add that this speaker is a newlywed and has no children whatsoever. Grrr. If there's one thing that makes my teeth itch it's people telling parents how to raise children with nothing but book knowlege to go on. If I were a magician, I would pause time, and put him in my shoes raising my oldest child from day one until the present. Then, I would turn him loose and watch him babble and drool. I would also admire the beautiful new silver highlights dappling his hair. Wonder what he would say then???

:::breathing deeply::: Okay. I'm okay now. Working a little harder on "loving my neighbor". Going to work a little harder on getting to bed earlier tonight. Did I mention that my adorable youngest learned how to cluck his tongue. Did I tell you how he makes funny little faces while he clucks his tongue in Walmart and other popular locations? And did I also speak of how he clucks his tongue in his sleep?! And he sleeps in my room? Help!

It's been an unusual day. Be very careful when driving. I think the devil has set loose an imp causing traffic accidents everywhere. We've just been deluged with them--and it's not raining here . . .weird.

I'll try and be more positive tomorrow. Ick. I hate venting!

I'm the king of sinners when it comes to knowing how to parent better. I've tried to do better but sometimes I don't catch my tongue quick enough.

I respect you for the job you are doing!
Sometimes a good venting just clears the air....and you can breathe again...

I am with you on the sermon...maybe if that is a real concern they could start a study hall at church and give positive tips....the newlyweds that is...

Hope tomorrow is better! Go to Bed!
We sometimes allowed kiddos to stay home on Wed night--kind of a case by case basis--but some of the time we were pretty certain that WAS what God wanted. I'm sure some wouldn't agree with us--but--that's what we did.

Hope Friday is wonderful for you!!!
Homework is from the devil, I have always thought so...hee hee.

Maybe your preacher should speak to the christian teachers in your school.

Your children are gorgeous, enjoyed seeing their talents in action. I think it is so funny that your son did not look at you but your daughter is posing. Ain't it just the difference in girls and boys!!
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