Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanks for your prayers! : )

An update from my sister Daisy . . .

Hey guys! We got Brandon's laptop up at the hospital now so I'm now able to send out these update emails again. The doctor came in this morning and said that Brandon's lung was no longer collapsed. He had reinflated it. GREAT news! He also said that although the fluids in the lung were improving, there was still too much to take out the chest tube. Hopefully it'll improve enough by tomorrow. Once they take out the chest tube, it'll be another 24 hours of observation before we can leave. Also, the respiratory therapist checked out Brandon's xrays and said that he no longer needed to do his breathing treatments. That his chest xrays looked really good and there was no longer a need for the treatments. One less reason to wake him up twice a night to mess with him. Everything is really looking on the up and up but please continue to keep him in your prayers.


Great News!!

I hope you have a very happy Birthday today!! And I hope you get scared real good tonight!!
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