Monday, October 23, 2006


It's Monday . . .

I hate being negative, but that's what I've got today . . .

Does anyone else have their good and bad things come in multiples? It seems to me that things will go really good for awhile. And I guess I get spoiled, and I get to feeling invincible. Then the bad things come, and it's never just one thing at a time. I get one whopper, then before I can get over that one, about 3-4 more whoppers hit me. I'm ready to be off the anvil now. I'm not sleeping much, but the good thing is, I'm praying a lot more.

The weekend went pretty well. My grandmother and my aunt are in town. My little family and my Momma were there to greet them when they arrived on Saturday. Always nice for us girls to get together and talk. Sunday, my brother & family and sister & family came to visit. My daughter and my niece hugged twice when they saw each other. They were so happy to be reunited. They really are close. And my youngest son and my nephew actually played some together. They are finally getting to the age where they interact pretty well. My brother in law did really well yesterday. He stayed all day yesterday. We were kind of concerned he would be a bit uncomfortable, but he did well. It was a nice day. : )

Hope you had a nice weekend as well. : )

Aunt Jean's daughter, Cathy, is 18 months older than I but we were very close. When I would visit her in Memphis, or she came to Florence, we would give each other something... a favorite toy or book that we had. She once gave me the jeans she wore to the David Cassiday concert!!!

Even though we rarely see each other now, we still feel like sisters - after all, our mothers are the same (twins) we just have different daddies!
It sounds like you had a great visit with your family. I'm so glad your bro-in-law is better and was able to visit too.

And Happy Birthday!! Somehow I missed that on your blog. You can be like Terri and celebrate all month long. :)
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