Monday, October 16, 2006


It's Monday again. : ) Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Friday night was hellacious! I left here and had to go to Dollar General for some general supplies for the jail. This time the manager was there, so I didn't have to help anyone ring it up. I left there, and there was a bad wreck on the main highway going home. We were just stopped. Nowhere to go. The police had the highway blocked. So, I just waited it out. Then I had to go to Verizon to pay my cell phone bill, and I think they were having a statewide party at our Walmart. There were as many people there as there is usually a couple of days before Christmas. And they all drove like they were intoxicated! It was very scary for me, and I just wanted to go home with my babies! I finally got home close to 8pm!

Saturday I got to sleep in. Ooooh, what a luxury. LOL--Malachi decided we should get up and eat at 7:30am. But that feels infinitely better than 4:30am! I was in the process of getting things done around the house (that I don't get a chance to do during the week) when my back seized up! It was bad. I couldn't move or even take a deep breath. John was going to rub some muscle rub on it that night, but Malachi woke up, so no muscle rub for me! Daniel had a movie/munchie night and had a ball!

Sunday was about the same with my back. Have you ever tried to put tights on with a spasming back? Quite the challenge. Momma mentioned that I wasn't singing the soprano part on "The Greatest Command" very loudly. Hard to push that diaphram out when your back is seizing. I finally gave in and took 2 Soma and John rubbed some of that muscle rub in. I was asleep before he finished. It was some better when I woke up, and I went to church. John rubbed some more stuff in before bedtime, and I woke up a new woman today. I can even sneeze!

Now, if I could just throw off these afternoon sleepies . . .

BTW, a young woman made a very disturbing statement in Bible class yesterday. She used to attend another smaller church in the vicinity. Many of her family attends there, and I believe she has attended there most if not all of her life. I met her in a MOPS group, and I had been trying to lure her over to church with me. She has two small children, and I thought they might have more activities at our congregation (I can already hear my grandmother telling me that we are not a country club, but we're not going in that direction at the moment.). After attending our VBS, this little family came to attend our church. She was told by members at the smaller congregation that by attending my congregation, she would be sentencing herself and her children to hell. Is anyone as sick about this as I am? You know, I knew that some of our bretheren really felt this way deep down, but I never thought anyone would actually say it out loud to someone. I'm really bothered by this . . .

My brother in law is doing pretty well. He's home. My sister took off last week to help him some. Please continue to pray for their family.

Okay, okay, I know I've written a novel. I better go for now anyway. One of my officers just checked out another ticket book!

Don't you just love God's little judging helpers?
The young woman story is sad...I have no other words.

Glad you got to sleep in until 7:30--yay!
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