Monday, October 09, 2006


LOL--it doesn't feel like a Monday. Since I had to go in to work yesterday, it feels more like a Tuesday. But I am glad it's a Monday. Mondays are the days I go home, and my husband is home. Tuesday through Friday, he works nights, so Mondays are nice. : )

LOL--poor John. He got the kids up at 6am like normal only to have Daniel tell him, "I've got some clothes to wear, and I'm gonna take a shower even though we have no school today." :::giggle::: No going back to sleep for John. I kinda felt badly, but I've done the same thing before, so it's kinda funny.

Tomorrow's my birthday, and even though I have to work, I have all my scary movies lined up and waiting. Yay!

Not much going on today. Started out, everyone seemed to be in a good mood, but now, people are IIIIIILLLLLLL! But not me :::grinning mischievously::: It's my birth month! ; )

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of today!

I put your card in the mail today but you may have noticed that the mailman didn't come... a day late and a dollar short- that's me!
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