Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm still smiling . . .

I'm smiling. I'm smiling.

I think it was Wednesday before last that we studied about worry in class. Guess I need to read that chapter over, because it didn't sink in. I keep taking my worries to the Father's Throne Room, but I think they must have a string attached to me somewheres, because they keep following me out of there! Okay, okay, I keep snatching them back. I think I need distracting. If I were home, I would clean. I did that a bunch last night after taking Madeline to baton. Reading is no good. I can't seem to convince my brain to concentrate. I would watch one of my Scream or Harry Potter movies, but I didn't bring them. AMC has a monster fest going on, but it seems to be vintage Frankenstein day. Not my favorites . . . But it will be okay! I know it will. I'm going to quit dwelling on these things and leave it in the Throne Room.

I'm glad it's Wednesday. We have ladies class tonight! I hope my Momma ccomes and brings my aunt and grandmother!

And I painted my nails. They're so pretty now. (Hey--have to take pleasure where I can find it--LOL!)

I so know that snatching it back routine--I want to be with you and just leave my troubles with Him!
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