Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to me! : )

I am having a rather nice birthday. : ) LOL--John forgot this morning (but of course who knows or remembers anything at 4:30am?), but when I got here to work, there was a whole bunch of police and dispatchers on the porch hollering "Happy Birthday!" And the whole building is papered with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSIE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!" signs. LOL. I reckon nobody up here could possibly forget that today is my birthday with all these signs up! John called at around 6:30am to sing (with the kids) happy birthday to me. It was so sweet! And I got an ecard from JettyBetty (on the blogs) and Price posted a happy birthday sparkly on my myspace page. And one of the city dispatchers put a birthday greeting on my myspace. And now you sent me a happy birthday message! How cool is my day?!

And HEY! My fun buttons are back! I have color, font, pics, you name it! I'll see if it will let me post pictures from that parade last month!

Happy Birthday... stupid ol' post office!
You have a My Space???

Hope you are still enjoying your scary movies!!
Happy Birthday!!! Maybe this year bring lots of joy and sunshine for you!
I think it's a bummer they don't make it national law that you get your birthday off--and while they are at it--do you think they could legislate a day at the spa for all moms on their birthdays???

Glad you've had a rather nice birthday!!

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