Friday, October 27, 2006


Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I post on a message board (I would post the link, but it would do you no good, because it's HUGE password protected--it takes an act of congress to get in to read/post) of ladies that all have a child the same age as Malachi. We've been posting together since about January of 2003, when we all started finding out we were expecting--about 4 years. In any case, it is a wide variety of ladies from all walks of life. One of these ladies posted the other day, asking the Christian mommies what they thought about celebrating Halloween. This prompted a posting from one momma explaining about Samhain, All Hallows Eve and other historical Halloween facts. And another momma explained that she did not support any form of Halloween celebrations at all. Not even Fall Festivals. But most of the mommas were not very gung-ho on Halloween. A few did not take their kids trick or treating at all--just to their church's Fall Festival. And most mommas did not approve of scary costumes. Then, there was the candy issue. One momma decided that she would hand out little bottles of bubbles and bouncy balls, and other non-candy items. Another momma stated she would be handing out bags of pretzels. All this was applauded by many mommas.

LOL--so, I'm the bad one I guess. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love haunted houses, scary movies and candy. I trick or treated until I was 21 (I had Daniel when I was 22). If I ever found a house that consistently handed out anything but chocolate, that house was boycotted. My oldest son has a grim reaper costume this year (bought with the understanding that if he chose this one, he would have no costume to wear to the church Fall Festival). And I love scary movies. I've been watching the old Mummy movies with Boris Karloff all morning. It's currently "Phantom of the Opera" time. Flame away, folks. Just call me the Halloween Queen! ; )

I'm feeling fiesty today, aren't I? LOL!

I am with you on Halloween. I will pass on the scary movies...but dressing up scary and getting chocolate is just good clean fun!!

Nothing better than a good haunted house!
I guess this makes you nice and tidy in your little handbasket ready to go...where handbaskets go.

HEE HEE!! I like Halloween too. I am sick of justifying it. One of my friends calls it celebrating the devil's birthday. I just tell my kids some people are a little crazy and we keep it a dress-up day.

I don't think the Bible specifies the birthday of the devil.
If you can glorify God with a haunted house (or whatever)--then I am for it (and I think you probably can!).

To me, Halloween is fun--I think I will spray paint my hair green or something and sit in the front yard (if it's not too cold) and hand out candy. (Sorry if some moms don't like like, I think Halloween is for the sweet stuff!) And, I will be praying I glorify God!
Have you seen the new Phantom of the Opera flick? I haven't seen it, but was wondering if it was any good?

I loved the Broadway show.


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