Thursday, October 05, 2006

2:30pm update from Daisy--a little progress

Brandon is quite disoriented at times but other times not. He was really worried about the girl on the bike with him. He hoped she didn't remember anything. I think he was beatin himself up over it. He's also really missing Alyssa. It's hard to hear him because his voice is so hoarse and he has an oxygen mask partially over his mouth as well. He's also very frustrated about being there. The nurse said the disorientation was probably the pain medicine. He asked for a cup and when I said he couldn't have anything to drink yet, he said that he wanted his fifty cents then! I told him he didn't have fifty cents! Anyway, it was just little stuff like that....humerous....but not. He's coughing up stuff really well and also being pretty cooperative with the nurses. He doesn't seem to understand why he can't leave. He said that "they were going to come in here and get me off this bed and I'm going to get my stuff and go home." When I was leaving he started kicking the covers off and saying noooo at me leaving and said, "I wanna leave! I wanna leave!" and the nurse said "you can't leave Brandon". He said "Why can't I LEAVE?!?!?" she explained that he was sick .... that's when I was walking off. Poor Brandon. I feel so bad for him! At least he's doing well on his breathing treatments.

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