Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Hello Bloggerville. : ) Hope your day is going well. : )

Kind of slow today, which stands out in stark contrast from yesterday with all the traffic accidents. And it wasn't just us yesterday. It was the county and the city where I live. I was a bit nervous driving home. You can be as careful a driver as possible, but you have no control over how others drive. Kind of scary. But I just have to take it into the Throne Room and leave it there--and make sure I don't have strings attached where I can yank it back out after awhile--LOL.

Today, (and really this week) my goal and prayer has been to keep my mouth shut. But I must not be concentrating enough on it. I'm failing miserably. But I'm still trying . . . and I'm still smiling, anyway.

Can't wait for Wednesday night Ladies Class tonight. I always find something that I can take with me from those classes (LOL--no pressure meant, Donna, just praising God for you).

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night, too. It's the first night this week that I've had nothing planned after work. Maybe I can get to bed before 10pm! : )

And of course, I'm excited about the parade Saturday! My whole family is coming out! Yay! What fun we'll have! If you've never met my family, they are some of the laughingest bunch you'll ever meet. We do love to get together and talk and laugh. I just know Heaven's gonna be full of laughter. : ) (and I'm excited about that too!)

Isn't it cool to have things to look forward to? Anyone else have fun things coming up?

Aggie-ed is planning on coming home this weekend--I haven't seen him in a month.

I so have trouble with living with my mouth! I suppose the Bible teaches that stuff has to be in my heart to come out--and that is just not good!
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