Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Good morning!

Well, the PD made the paper again.

I'm going to have a good day (although pray for me, I'm working with one I struggle with), but I do have one pet peeve this morning: Whatever has happened to good work ethic? Do you know I have not called in sick to work but 2 times in the last two years. I have actually come in sick many times. That's not meant to praise me, but my Momma who raised me to be responsible. What did these other people's mommas teach them? Okay, I know. I'm not being very nice. I'll stop now. It just never fails to amaze me.

I'm a little excited and proud today. My daughter is going to get to march and twirl in the Fair Parade this year. Yay! Last year, she rode in the wagon, smiled at everyone (and adorable she was, let me assure you!) and threw candy, but this year, she's gonna get to march and twirl. I am so thrilled I could just bust! And of course, Daniel will be marching with the middle school band, and I'm so very proud of that too. French Horn! My favorite! So let me invite all of y'all who might be close by, to come and watch my kids (and other people's adorables too.) ; ) at the Fair Parade. A fun time will be had by all! : )

Guess I'd better run. Things are picking up! : ) I do love my job!


It's going to be hot Saturday... could you just post pictures?

My best to your adorables and I was glad that your work got a bigger story than my work on the front page!
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