Tuesday, September 26, 2006


LOL--well, if you get our local paper, the PD is on the front page again. There were shots fired at one of my officers. I ended up staying at work until almost 10pm. Then back here again at 6am this morning. But you know what? I wouldn't trade my job for anything! ; )

I have something to look forward to. My brother took the weekend off October 6th so that my whole family could get together for a cookout/campout for my birthday. I think it will be fun. Of course I am not camping out. I'll stay out late with the campfire, then I will be traipsing down the hill back to my Momma's house where a bed awaits. I'm not much on sleeping on the ground. It's a very good thing that Momma has 28 acres and no close neighbors. My family is a very noisy family full of loud and boisterous laughter. My Momma asked me what I wanted her to fix for my birthday dinner, or did I want to cook out. And goofy me, all I could think of to say was "SMORES!" Help me--I am a hopeless chocolate addict!

Nothing better than hotdogs and smores with a campfire!! But I am with you on that sleeping on the ground...not when there is a perfectly good bed around!!
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Smores are a perfectfully good choice for a birthday dinner! Aren't they?
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