Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hello Bloggerland! Hope you are having a good Tuesday.

Not much going on here. I'm still training . . . Tonight, Madeline has baton twirling, and I have GOT to get her old clothes priced. There is a huge community kids consignment sale here that happens twice a year (Spring and Fall). So, twice a year, I have the kids try on all of last season's clothes and clean out their closets. Then I have to wash, iron and hang said clothes and price them all. I've gotten the boys' clothes done, I just haven't done Madeline's yet. Then poor John will have to take them in for me during his sleep time, because I have to work tomorrow. And they have to be turned in tomorrow. I hope I sell lots! : ) It's also a good thing, because the kids' closets get cleaned out well that way.

And oh! Let's not think about the laundry that needs doing . . .

BTW! Congratulate me! I'm gonna be an aunt again! My beautiful sister in love is going to have a little sister or brother for my favorite nephew Tyler! Yay! I'd love to post a pretty picture, but for whatever reason, the creative buttons are always gone on this computer when I try to use codes and such. Any ideas why?

Well, I guess I'd better go for now. I get to leave an hour early today by mistake. : )

Love being an aunt!!! Congratulations!
Congrats on being an auntie again!
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