Friday, September 01, 2006

TGIF! : )

Hello Bloggerville! Hope you are all doing well. I'm busy as always--currently working 60 hours a week this month. I'm training 2 dispatchers this month. But the benefit of this is, I'm off on Saturdays and Sundays this month. That's huge for me! I haven't had a sleep-in day for quite some time. If you have a job where you are always off on the weekends, it's a blessing! : ) We have a company picnic tomorrow, so that will be fun! : )

We had prayer vigil night on Wednesday--where everybody turns in prayer requests on cards and then everybody trades up and prays over those requests. I really enjoy those once in awhile. There are some prayer requests that come up in those that you really didn't know those people were struggling with. Maybe they didn't feel it important enough to put forth in the regular weekly bulletin prayer requests, but for prayer vigil, those things come out. A few things were things to rejoice over (one of our families asked for prayers as their son went to work for the police department--naturally I was so excited about that! : ) ), but a lot of them were things that were not so happy. But it's good to know these things and who is struggling with them, so I can continue to pray over them, and sometimes God even lets me see His hand at work answering those prayers.

Malachi is going through a clingy phase. Mostly, I don't mind this phase, but I'm hoping for improvement on Wednesday nights as our ladies prayer group begins to meet again for the fall.

Madeline is in twirling lessons again. She's SO excited! I think she loves dancing and twirling better than just about anything. She also has reading homework every night--where she has to read for 20 minutes every night, and I sign off that she read. Not a problem. She LOVES to read! Of course as her brother, Daddy and I all love to read, I would have been more surprised if she had NOT liked reading. But we are reading the Chronicles of Narnia. We're mostly through "The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe" (I know correct punctuation would be italics instead of quotation marks, but for some reason, the fun buttons are not available on this computer.). Madeline has seen the movies for the first 4 books, but there are none available right now for the last 3 books. So, I can't wait for us to get to those. : )

Daniel's school has issued them laptops for school. So, no more carrying around umpteen million books every day. HURRAY! This is really a good thing, because we always made Daniel bring home EVERY textbook he had every day. With his ADHD, inevitably, he would forget to bring home the one book he needed for homework. So he had to bring all of them home. With the laptop, he doesn't have to do that, and we are all SO glad! Why didn't they do this sooner? I know when I was in high school, it wasn't cool to carry a bag or a backpack. So, we carried our books around in our arms. Stupid, I know, but be honest: how many of you have done stupid things because everyone else was??? Daniel is also in the band again this year--French Horn. We're looking forward to the Fair Parade where he and Madeline will both be marching. I do love Fair Parade!

Speaking of the County Fair, I wonder if my dad will enter anything in the County Fair. He was King of the Kitchen 2 years running.

Well, it IS first of the month, so I guess I'd better get to work on all that end of month paperwork. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day, and I wish you many blessings! : )


Glad to catch up with you....looking forward to our Wed nights!
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