Friday, September 08, 2006

TGFF! : )

I do love Fridays. : ) It's payday, and tomorrow is my sleep in (LOL--sleeping in for me is about 6:30am) and play with my kids day. : )

Prayer Warriors, please continue to pray for my Momma. She goes into surgery today at 11:15am in B'ham. Also pray as I bring something I am concerned about before the elders.

Today, my goal is to smile and have a pleasant thing to say to everyone. What is your goal?

Mom's doing great! Surgery went well and she had no pain at all when I saw her in recovery. She can go back to work in 8 days and can drive after two weeks. Only a 5% chance of this happening again. YAY!
Yay for your mother. I heard about the discussion and you know I'm all over your issue with the elders. I have broached the subject before. They don't want this bunch of women complaining!!!
Thank you all for all your prayers!! When my surgery was over, all I could say was "What a relief!!" The pain had been removed. All that's left now is the pain of the incision and that is nothing compared to the ruptured disk. Thanks again for remembering me.
Linda McKnight (Susie's Mom)
Glad you mom's surgery is over--and she's better!!!

I love Fridays, too!
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