Friday, September 15, 2006


Well, today has had a bit of a rockier start, but it's gonna get better!

I'm working through a dilemma. Someone I know did something that could have been really dangerous yesterday, and it was unethical as well. I really struggle with this sort of thing, because I have a very strong sense of what I feel is right and wrong--sometimes I tend to think in blacks/whites. I don't do well with gray (LOL). But of course, the golden rule applies as always, and I would want someone to extend me a little grace should I mess up. So, one side of me is leaning toward reporting this. And of course I can give all sorts of arguments for this (i.e. it's the right thing to do, this person might injure theirself or someone else the next time, etc.) But the other side of me is really questioning myself. This person is definitely not one of my favorite people--and one I have a hard time praying for. So this side is telling me that I'm just being vindictive, hoping this person gets into trouble, and that since no one was hurt this time, I should just let them have the rope to string their own self up. And they will. Pray for me as I struggle to find God's path for me in this.

But on the bright side today, it's payday! And the parade is tomorrow! One of my girls gave me a red ribbon for Madeline to use during the parade. I warned my friend that it might come back with more glitter on it than when she gave it to me. (LOL) I can't wait to dress Madeline up and fix her hair and do the makeup/glitter thing. This is one of my favorite parts of my Momma role in my daughter's life. So fun! And Daniel's getting excited about marching with the band. LOL--he was pretty wiped out after practice yesterday, and was moaning about sore muscles. I laughed and reminded Daniel that the real sore person would be the drum major the day after the parade, after walking backwards waving those arms for a couple of hours.

It's gonna be a great day! Hope you have the best day ever! : )

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