Saturday, July 01, 2006

Questions . . .

I am a cuddler: I'm really more of a hugger. I'm so hot natured, that I can't cuddle long. LOL.

I am a morning person: Mostly. I have been fussed at by people before for being too "perky". LOL

I am a perfectionist: I really kinda am. ; )

I am an only child: Not by a long shot. I have a 41 y/o sister, 29 y/o brother, and 27 y/o sister.

I am currently in my pajamas: No, still in my PD work clothes.

I am addicted to my blog: Really, I think I'm more addicted to reading other people's blogs.

I am shy around people at first: Not on your life! ; )

I bite my nails: Only in high stress situations.

I currently regret something I've said: Not that I can currently remember--but I know I have in the past.

When I get mad I curse frequently: Not if I can help it.

I Like someone: LOL--shhhh . . .it's my husband!

I enjoy country music: Oh yes! Even better, I enjoy dancing to country music! : )

I enjoy jazz music: I have to be in the mood for it.

I enjoy smoothies: Oh, yes!

I enjoy talking on the phone: NO. I guess because I'm at the mercy of the phone for 12 hours at a stretch at work. I hate the phone.

I have a lot to learn: Isn't that a given?

I have a pet: Well, my daughter has a kitten.

I have a secret I'm ashamed to reveal: I'm sure everyone has something they wouldn't want just anyone to know.

I have all my grandparents: No, just one precious grandmother.

I have been called smart: A time or two.

I got higher than c's in school: Occasionally--when I put forth the effort.

I have broken a bone: I've broken my tailbone and my toes repeatedly. I broke my finger pretty good at Schlitterbahn, too.

I have caller ID on my phone: I do on my cell phone. Even better, I love personalized rings.

I have bathed/showered with someone: LOL--with every one of my babies!

I have changed a diaper: More than I can count.

I have changed over the past year: Hopefully for the better . . .

I have done something illegal: Are my officers reading this?

I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color: Nope!

I have had surgery: Yep--3 c-sections.

I have killed another person: Where do they come up with these questions?

I have had my haircut in the last week: No, but week before last, I did.

I have kissed someone I knew I shouldn't: Not since I was a teenager.

I knew you were a perky morning person, but I like you anyway!!

Thanks for playing!
Schlitterbahn-explanantion needed or I will think you are cursing on your blog!
I enjoyed yours but classify this as TMI for me.....

I wonder how many diapers I have changed in the last 24 hours???
you should see my answers i did the questionair some are kinda
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