Thursday, July 13, 2006

Now what day is it? Oh, yeah, THURSDAY!

I am so lost this week. Nothing of my schedule has been normal.

My sister tells me that she is tired of seeing the same post on my blog, and would I please write something different. Here ya go, Daze.

Today was a very busy day! This was my only true day off this week, so I had to do all my running around today. I paid 5 bills, toting my 3 kids with me. Then, we went to Walmart to purchase Madeline's new toy. She wanted a Nintendo DS Lite really badly (her brother has a Nintendo DS. The deal was, she had to save half of the price of the DS Lite, and we would match the other half. She had a pretty good start on one, and BOOM! Her birthday hit, and she was very pleased at the birthday money she got. So, I took her up to Walmart to get her DS Lite. At Walmart, there was the Gameboy Advance SP (a bit less expensive), and the Nintendo DS Lite (a bit higher in price). So, I told her that if she wanted the DS Lite, that's all she would get, and she would have to share games with Daniel until she saved half the price of a game (& we would match other half). If she wanted a Gameboy Advance SP, she would have enough for a game also. She was still maintaining that she wanted that DS Lite (a step up from what her big brother had!) until she saw that the Gameboy Advance SP came in PINK! From that point on, that is what she had to have. And she got a game to go with it.

But it was a bit of a stressful day, too. Three times today, I was almost rear-ended in my car. I had my turn signal on in plenty of time, I didn't wait until the last minute to brake. These people were just not paying attention! I'd see them coming up behind me, still accelerating. I was a bit rattled, to say the least. And then I ran out of gas! My gas gauge on my car doesn't work, and I usually pay better attention, but I had a trip to Warrior (to meet my sister and drop my daughter off with her to spend the night) and a trip to Trussville (to see my sister's new home) this past week, so I used more than usual. Blessedly, we were able to coast into a gas station (thank You, God). And if that weren't enough, I lost my car keys in Walmart! UGH! What a day!

Then, we went in search of Harry Potter. Do you know that we went to 6 different stores in this town in search of the book Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire? What's with that? The best-selling series in the world, and nobody has it? UGH. We finally gave up. We had a copy, but we read and reread those books so much that we wore it in half. It's in very sad condition, indeed. Guess I'll have to order one.

Well, it's getting late, and my fingernails and toenails are dry, so I'm going to bed. Good night everyone! : )

I've been missing you!

I've had a couple stressful days lately, too--but this sounds like a really stressful day!

I pray your Friday is fantastic!
Thank you SO much! It's so refreshing to see a new blog!

What a stressful day! I'm glad you found your keys! Wal-mart is a big place to be losing something like car keys!

I'm so glad you got to come out and see my new house and Maddie got to spend the night with little Lyssa! They had so much fun! Sorry it almost caused you to run out of gas though! That's no fun! Least you coasted into the gas station...I've done that before!
I hope you post soon, I am getting worried-I hope these kind of days did not keep coming at you!!

I goota hear from my peeps, you know!!
I am having serious Susie withdrawal...
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