Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Happy birthday, Andy!

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To the little brother I prayed for. To the little boy who was loyal to a fault and covered all my sins. To the little boy who fenced with his big sister in the back yard of our beach house (EN GARDE!). To the teenager who whirled his sisters around the dancefloor like a dashing gentleman. To the young man who drove in a broken down old pickup (stopping to put water in it every so many miles) from Texas to Alabama just to be with his family. To the man who caught the fancy of a beautiful redhead and talked her into doing him the honor of becoming his wife. To the loving daddy of an adorable red-headed toddler. To my baby brother whose smile still lights up my day--

What a nice paragraph Sue! I emailed Andy the link (and Becky too) to make sure he read it. Now it's my turn... "POW! LOVEYOUTHEMOST!" (ha ha....gotcha!)
I love the expression of your nephew in this pic!

I send my greetings to Andy--too!
Happy Birthday!
Sorry, I'm late reading this. Pow love ya the most. Thanks for the kind words. I'm very blessed to have a good sister like Susie.
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