Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Another beautiful day today. We got up this morning and went to the park. Daniel & I jogged and then walked with Momma while John and the younger two played on the playground and in the water. Then, we were all starved, so we went home for lunch. We cooked up the two HUGE squash that the Chief gave me from his garden (thanx Chief!) for lunch. Then, I floated around in the pool for a bit and got some laundry done. Our VBS at church started tonight, so I took the kids up there. I think the kids had a ball. They all came home with new VBS t-shirts.

Right now, the kids are settled in watching Pirates of the Caribbean. I had to laugh, because there's a scene where you first see Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow that we always kind of cheer (YAY!!!). Not missing a beat, my youngest began cheering at that point all on his own. It made me giggle.

Now, I finally get to sit down and eat dinner. I'm having kind of a funny mixture--squash, bacon, onion and rice. But it's really good. Of course it really helps that I LOVE rice and veggies.

Have a delicious evening! : )

I got squash and zuchinni yesterday for stirfry. I can hardly wait until tomorrow night for supper!
I had some squash, onion, mushroom stuff for dinner tonight--yum!!

VBS sounds great!
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