Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I can't ever believe how easy it is to read everyone else's blog and neglect my own.

It's been a good day today. We all got up and went to the park this morning. I set out jogging and jogged 4.5 miles, and walked 3 miles with Momma. I think my body is in rebellion. Good thing I go back to work tomorrow, huh? The youth group was having a park day at 10am, so lucky for him, Daniel was already there and sweaty! LOL. Bless his heart, he was already getting a blister on his heel. John, me and the other two kids had to run over to Taco Bell, because we forgot to pack Daniel a lunch. Then, I ran that out to him on the soccer field. After all that running, I started up some laundry and relaxed in the kiddie pool for an hour. It was so nice. Quiet, warm and cool. Daniel called to be picked up and he and John got busy with yardwork. I had to go pick up a post card. I post regularly on a message board called September Sprouts. When I was pregnant with Malachi, I found that board of ladies all expecting in September of 2003. It was really neat, because anytime you had a question about your pregnancy, chances are, somebody had an answer. If you just wanted to be whiny at your swollen ankles, exhaustion and mood swings, there was always someone to commiserate with. In any case, we've all been posting on that board ever since, and all the ladies there have not-quite 3 year old children now. One of those ladies is redecorating her son's bedroom. She's putting up a huge map, and asking all of us mommas to send postcards from the area we live--so she can put them on that map. I thought that was a very creative idea. In any case, I found a really nice one at the local museum and sent it off. She's going to post a picture when she gets done.

Now, if I can just get Madeline to/from baton class, kids bathed, fed, and in bed by a decent hour, I'll be doing well. And hopefully my voice will be okay tomorrow, because as of now, I sound like a frog! Not cool.

Guess I'll have to take another picture of myself for my blog. I hacked my hair off again. Well, I don't have much left to cut off now. I gave up 8 inches of hair in the back. In the front I lost about 4 inches. It's a modified bob with a stacked back (if I'm making any sense). It's very low maintenance (which really comes in handy at 4:30am), and you wouldn't believe how much cooler it is in this Southern heat! My hair is really thick, but my hair stylist thinned it out a bunch for me. So basically, I just blow dry and go!

Well, the natives are getting restless. Gotta run! Have a nice, slow-paced evening. Nothing like the one I'm having--LOL. ; )

I clicked over to check on September Sprouts--is that not wonderful! What a great support group.

I love Karen Kingsbury, too--actually I am reading one of hers right now.
Ok I have been totally reading your blog, because youa re such an inspiration.. anyway.. I htink that group you belong to is the same one I was on when I was pregnant with Garrett.. I wound up not posting after a while and never went back.. but did you all have onesies that were embroidered with September Sprouts on them? If it's the same group that's just funny.
too funny.. I actually am the one who embroidered all those onesies lol.. it took FOREVER!! I still have about 5 of the rejects, that didn't come out quite right.. I just could never bring myself to throw them away :) at least one of them was blonde so it matched Garrett :)
my screen name was aighme :)
crazy small world :)
Can't wait to see your new "do".

Maybe I will make it tonight!
Like the hair!
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