Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I dreaded jogging all this morning. It had been pretty hot the day before--which made jogging not so fun for me. I ate my breakfast and drank my coffee, and I think I was so dreading my jog that my breakfast didn't sit well. LOL--I had worked myself into a state. But y'know what? I got outside and a cold front had blown through. And it was really nice outside. So nice that had I had time, I would have just kept jogging. LOL--and as I'm about halfway around my last lap, my phone rings! It's my son Daniel, who is on a work camp thing with the church. He is having a break and assumes I am having one as well. I've never tried to jog and carry on a cell phone conversation, but I can't say that anymore!
At one point, he asked me, "Mom, what are you DOING?"
I laughed breathlessly and replied, "I'm RUNNING, son!"
He said, "Oh. I was wondering what that sound was."
"Son, that's your mother struggling to BREATHE!" What a funny kid!

Then, Madeline and I took our floats out to the little pool and had some girl time. We had fun! Then, John brought Malachi out for a bit, and we all played in the pool. I will probably have an interesting tan from little 50 spf hands on me. ; )

Madeline got to go to baton/dance class and LOVED it! (LOL--was there any doubt she would?)

Now, we're just kind of hanging out, waiting for Daniel to call and tell us to come pick him up. Then I can go to BED!!!

Good night . . .

What timing for a cold front!

We have VBS for 3 nights! How about ya’ll?
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