Thursday, June 22, 2006


Yay. Tomorrow's payday. : ) Not that it will last long, but for a few hours I will have money. : )

Well. One of my trainees (not the one I was personally training) quit, and one of my dispatchers gave notice. What a day. So, I'm wrangling with a 24/7 schedule among 4 dispatchers again. Good thing the girl I personally was training is doing so well. She's about ready to fly solo.

Prayers are needed for one of my officers. He's not injured, he just needs prayers. That's all I can say.

And I know sometimes I ask for prayers for the simplest/dumbest things, but please pray that my throat will heal up. I'm so tired of sounding/feeling like this. And you KNOW I don't have time to be sick!

Madeline got an early birthday present yesterday. Her birthday will be next Wednesday. She got a little black kitten, that she named "Buttercups". There's no telling her that the cat is only one "Buttercup". Madeline is determined that the cat is "Buttercups!". Poor little kitten was roaming at the department firing range (NO--she was NOT a target!), and sucker Susie took her home. Madeline's been begging for a pet for quite some time, so here we are. It is an awfully cute little cat.

Daniel is in Atlanta tonight (WAILLLLLL--I miss him something awful!) at the Braves game with the youth group. Tomorrow, they will go to Six Flags over Georgia. Wish I could go . . . But bless his heart, if he didn't call me during the game to tell me all about everything. I hope he never stops calling me to tell me about things that are important to him. : ) (Warm fuzzies!)

I guess I had better go to bed for now. I was so pleased that I got everything done so smoothly tonight, that I've just been typing away, and it's 9:40pm. I'm tired! And even though I have to get up at 4:30am in the morning, Daniel will be getting in at 11:30pm or so at night that night, so no rest for the weary. Oh, well. ; )

Have a restful night! Wishing you all well! : )

I thought the kitten was adorable! But what I couldn't understand is why she named her Buttercups? I mean, the kitty is black as the ace of spades! ha ha ha! I don't think I've ever seen a black buttercup before! But, now I have!!! ha ha ha!
Susie's mom
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