Sunday, June 25, 2006


Today was a working Sunday. I haven't been having to work Sundays, and I'm afraid I've become rather spoiled. If you have a job that enables you to go to church, be thankful today. : ) Hopefully, I won't have to work another Sunday for a long time.

I worked with Officer N. whose wife has breast cancer and just had to have a radical mastectomy. I wish you could hear him when he comes into dispatch to call his wife. It's so cute. He always starts out with something adorable like, "Hi Gorgeous!" Is that not the sweetest thing? I guess I hear so many men run their wives down, that it is SO refreshing to hear a man who truly treasures his wife. And I've met his wife. She really is a treasure. : )

Well, still no word from the gym about hiring me, so I reckon God doesn't want me there. I did pray for God to show me where he wanted me to be . . .

Dinner's almost ready, so I'd better go. I'm STARVING! It's spaghetti night here for us. : ) Yay--a seratonin booster! ; )

Hope you all have a delicious dinner! : )

I was just thinking today of things I take for granted and therefore am not thankful for--Sunday at church would be one--thanks for reminding me to be thankful.

Your story of marriage is quite encouraging!

Hope you enjoyed your spaghetti!!
I hope all dispatchers are as loving and special as you are!! The people you work with are so lucky to have you. Thanks for serving your community. (and sometimes missing church to do it)
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