Sunday, June 11, 2006


It's a nice Sunday. Not much going on.

We have a new pulpit minister at our congregation. We're kind of excited about that. The interim minister made a good point this morning about praying for our new minister as he bids his previous congregation goodbye. I guess self-centeredly, I never even thought of that. I remember how betrayed I felt when our previous minister told us goodbye. So, this new minister will already have my prayers.

Daniel had a fun time with Officer P at lunch yesterday. : )

Madeline is supposed to start back up with twirling sometime this week. Just awaiting her teacher's call to let us know what day class is on.

I think I have a job at the gym. B (my old boss) doesn't make decisions lightly. I think she wants me to sub some of the water aerobic classes. She told me that the balls I bought for my class were still locked up, waiting to be used (my own thing that I brought to my class to make it different). B also mentioned working a 5am to 1pm shift on Tuesdays. We will see . . .

Yay. BRB. Malachi has just unrolled my yoga mat. : S

Okay, I'm back. Wow. Malachi is really busy today. Daniel is too! I think Madeline is the only calm one. Yikes!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Sunday and that it is as pretty outside your home as it is ours. : )

Glad you are having a slow Sunday--your mom would be proud--you are obeying what's in her Bible! ;-)
oh so you work at that other gym....oh well, hope you like it anyway.

I emailed the new preacher today to welcome him.....I feel a little "left-out" how about you?
I am glad your new preacher is on the way!! Such a fun time when someone new comes aboard! Fresh excitement and all. Hope you are having a nice Monday.

You are the exercise queen!!
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