Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Question

Okay, I'm struggling with something. I have been mistreated by a couple of people for quite some time. ( I know, poor pitiful me--but bear with me!) Here lately, at least one of them really seems to be getting what I feel she so richly deserves. I mean, it really, really feels like the old biblical adage--"You reap what you sow." Here's my dilemma. Am I rejoicing in justice, or delighting in evil? I almost feel guilty that this person is having a hard time, and here I am feeling rather glad about it. Have you all ever felt like this? Did you struggle with it?

I know, I know, I've been away a lot. Madeline's baton twirling recital is this Saturday, and we had one day this week off from practice--WEDNESDAY. So with church and recital practice, we haven't been home much. And John is in Bentonville, Arkansas this week. So, I'm kind of a single parent this week . . .

Got to run! Time for baths and bed!!!

Tough questions--
I know I have struggled with something like this.
At least you are aware there could be a problem--so perhaps you can avoid the potential evil.

Hope Madeline's recital goes great!
I am so shocked, you wicked, wicked woman. I have never wished unkind things to happen to anyone-but most assuredly not someone who had hurt me. (grin) Sometimes it is just really hard to feel the "right" way.
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