Friday, June 23, 2006


Yay! It's finally Friday! The day that I go to sleep and wake up with my husband beside me, knowing he'll be with me all day. : ) And this particular Friday, my Daniel will be coming home from Atlanta. I've missed him BUNCHES! Now, if we can just stay awake until the phone rings saying he's back . . .

That officer still needs your prayers. And I'm still coveting a few for myself as well. I'm ready to feel good.

Busy day at work today. I finally got that evil schedule done. Now, if nobody has any schedule conflicts or gets sick this month . . . (besides me, but I don't count--I don't take sick days unless I am near death)

Well, I'm brain dead at the moment (medicine head), and I've been thinking through the brain deadness all day, so I'm going to just go read awhile and stay awake until Daniel gets back.

Hope you all are well . . .

I hope you have Daniel home safely now! I also hope he always calls you a bunch. (I haven't heard from Aggie-Ed in 12 days--and I am missing him sooo much!)

I like the name Buttercups--hope Madeline enjoys her sweet bday gift!
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