Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Busy as always . . .

Well, we got through John's week away in Bentonville. He came back bearing gifts of all kinds for everybody. My neatest prize was a glass cube key chain with his image etched into the center of the cube. So cool! We are happy with our gifts, but ever so much happier to have him home! : )

Madeline's recital went beautifully (how could it do otherwise?). She never dropped that baton once. I was so proud of how well she did. The whole recital was really good. I enjoyed watching all the neat tricks the girls did (no, as of the present, there are no boys in Southern Starlets). The UAB Blazerettes (1 of which was one of our own) performed for us as well. But I must admit that our own high school majorettes from the city I live in were every bit as good as the Blazerettes. They were really good! I hope Madeline sticks with this and gets to be a part of that. Maybe even the Alabama Crimsonettes someday. : ) But if she got a scholarship to perform with the Auburn Majorettes, I reckon I'd have to learn to like orange. ; ) Okay, okay, I enjoy dreaming of my children's possible futures. ; )

Work is going okay. I'm still training a new girl, and another of my dispatchers is training another new girl. I'm trying to see how they do. I'm also still putting out fires here and there. And I really can't complain about the Chief any. So far he's been nothing but fair in my dealings with him. Can't ask for much better than that. ; )

Well, since reading Terri's blog, I knew I'd be stuck on that stupid song for the next week. I thought I might as well put the CD in and sing along with the real song. Only, I messed up and put Hank Sr. in. LOL--now Daniel is dancing around the house singing, "Mo-oo--oa--ning the bl-ues". I laughed and laughed. Indignantly, he asked me what I was laughing at. I asked him did he know he was probably the only 13 y/o in America who had ever even heard that song? And Malachi is strutting along with him, making yodeling sounds. LOL. My kids keep me laughing. : D

Wow--the sun must have been potent today. I only went out for an hour between 2pm and 3pm--not even the strongest rays time of the day. And I'm just a little pink. I waited until Malachi went down for his nap, and then went out to float around in the pool. I know I must look pretty silly floating around on my float in a 10 ft. by 18 in. pool, but it's much cooler than just laying out in the sun. It's the perfect combination of hot and cool. And if I time it right, no one is splashing me. It's just quiet time that I really crave some days.

Madeline and I worked out together today. We did Tae Bo, and had a good time today. It was a nice change of pace, but I think I will be sore tomorrow. I think I used different muscles than jogging or step aerobics. Daniel was disappointed, because he wanted to do step aerobics. I was so surprised. I figured Daniel would really like the Tae Bo--most guys like it better than step aerobics. Go figure.

Well, it's almost pumpkin time. Hope y'all have a great night, Blogville! : )

Sorry about the song... :) I've been singing it all day too - and answering...
I am sure she can do anything she wants!! Keep encouraging her.

I used to play in my kids pools too!
Glad Madeline's recital went well!

I so admire your attention to fitness--I am about to decide you must be a high energy person!
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