Thursday, May 04, 2006

Surprise Jewels

I think of all these nifty things while I'm jogging, and I always forget to write them. I didn't jog today, but here's a few things that happened:

When working on my second lap (each lap = 1.5 miles) on Tuesday, I was really getting tired and calling out to the Lord not just to help me survive this jog, but to help me TRIUMPH in this jog. Then, on my third lap, I realized that my knees weren't painfully popping as they had done the day before. I was really feeling good! That was my surprise jewel that day. And I made it through all 4.5 miles that day--plus walking 3 more.

And when jogging on Wednesday, this was my 3rd day jogging, and I struggle on my 3rd day. My legs are tired by this time. And I was really flagging. LOL--but God gave me a little hurry power. He sent me a DOWNPOUR! LOL--and He waited until I was on the other side of the park from my car before sending it. So, I was RUNNING! LOL--I got a workout that day. And from the time the heavens opened up until I got to my car, I never thought about being tired once. That was my surprise jewel.

Maybe these things seem tiny and only mean something to me, but at the times they happen, they are just exactly what my Father knows I need at that time. I do love surprise jewels.

Tell me about some of your Heavenly surprise jewels! : )

I have one! When I got pregnant, I knew I had no more excuses to not get out and walk and take better care of myself. However, walking really wears on my legs so very painfully and I was dreading trying to get out and walk. By an incredible miracle, I just started walking slower and since then, my legs have not been hurting like they previously had been. I was SOOOOO excited! This is a very wonderful jewel as I am now more excited to get out and walk, which is good all around!
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