Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is the day that we traditionally honor our mothers. My brother and sister and their families (including my ADORABLE niece and nephew!) are coming to church tomorrow with us. I'm so excited. There is nothing closer to Heaven to me than to sit among my family and sing praises. It fills me with joy--and overflowing!

I was in the bath (quiet time!) thinking about funerals (not in a morbid way), and how people say the nicest things about people at their funerals. And you know, that if they actually said these wonderful things to the person BEFORE they died--WOW, what a day-brightener! So, in honor of Mother's Day, here ya go, Momma!

My Momma is the most positive person I know. She has worked so hard on me as far back as I can remember, to look for the positive . . . to find the exquisite blooms amidst the thorns. My Momma has always told me I could do things long before I even thought about it. When I lost 60 pounds and was doing aerobic classes, she was the one to tell me that I could do well as a fitness instructor. With her encouragement, I went to Atlanta with my two friends and came back the only one to pass.

My Momma is a fighter! She has always taught me to never give up--keep trying. Things worth having are worth fighting for. My Momma got married and moved to Birmingham in 1991. She had lived her entire 41 years in Houston, Texas, where her parents, sister, family and friends all were. Her husband was gone quite a bit, travelling with his job, and Momma was home alone with only my little sister (11 years old). She didn't know where ANYTHING was in Birmingham. So, did she hide out in the safety of her home and wail piteously? SHE DID NOT! My Momma went out every day (in a very contrary Ford Mustang) to drive around. Every day, she went just a little farther. And although to this day, she claims that she likes highway and main thoroughfare better, she KNOWS those little side streets and shortcuts. It the main streets and highways are closed, my Momma is a handy person to have with you!

My Momma is unafraid to learn new things. For 41 years, my Momma longed to dance. Of course, being traditional Church of Christ, this was frowned upon. Even school dances were frowned upon. I can remember when Urban Cowboy came out at the theater, and Momma couldn't wait to see it, because likely that was the only way she would ever get to see the inside of Gilley's. Did she give up? She did NOT! My Momma learned to country and western dance and ballroom dance at age 41. (She can line dance, too, but she doesn't like it much--she loves to dance with her husband.) When my Momma and her husband take the floor, everyone watches. No one can help but notice the couple waltzing so lovingly, that it makes all around them want to fall in love too! And no one can keep up with them as they tear up the floor with the Orange Blossom Special! You watch them dance, and you've just got to do that too!

My Momma taught me the importance of responsibility. You like to eat? You like to have a home to come home to? You get off your behind and work! So, you feel a little puny? People are counting on you to come in, and people are inconvenienced when you are not at work. If you don't do your job well, there is always someone waiting to be given a chance to do your job well. And today, there are three adults in this world with better work ethics than most--thanks to my Momma!

My Momma taught me the beauty of being a Momma. She always put our needs above her own. She stayed home with me for about 10 years before taking a job at my Christian school in the mothers day out program--so she'd be close if we needed her. She's always supported me in everything worthwhile I wanted to do--she never missed not one choir concert.

This is my Momma--a wonderful, Godly woman that I count as one of my richest jewels from my Heavenly Father. Happy, happy Mother's Day, Momma! Loveyouthemost! (I gotcha!)

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Momma, Daisy (my sister), Me, and Becky (my sister-in-love) at Christmastime.

(Hopefully my post has made some sense. I've been up since 1:30am, and it's now 9:15pm. Good night!)

I love her, too! We're all former secret sisters!
HEY!!! I have your questions all ready and waiting.
Your family is beautiful!! I hope my kids say all the same things about me cause I agreed with em all!
Your Mom is a very Special Lady!!

And you are a wonderful mom as well.

Happy Mother's Day
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