Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day! : )

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!

Sorry I've been MIA. I had to write someone else up, and it's been weighing pretty heavily on my heart since I found out.

I had a really nice Sunday yesterday. We all went to church, and our interim minister was back. Then, we went home and I jogged a mile (in our neighborhood) with Daniel. After that mile, I came back to the house and picked up Madeline--who ALSO jogged a whole mile with me. GO MADDIEPOPPET! I had to jog a little slower with her, but made up for it in talking the whole way, as she is quite a chatterbox. And you workout that much harder if you're talking the whole time. You use more air. But it was so fun to jog with my kids! After I got home, we got busy! Daniel got to mowing, John was cleaning out and refilling the kiddie pool, Madeline and I washed my car, and Malachi took a nap! So, we got lots done. And a couple of us pinked up a little bit. The kids and I got in the kiddie pool and played around a bit--gently, because Malachi is nervous with the water. Today, we do some cleaning IN the house. As soon as I get enough coffee . . .

Sorry about the heavy heart--
Hope your time with the kiddos will help make it a bit happier!
Sometimes being the boss really stinks. I know you are doing a great job though!!
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