Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I've got to quit saving this for last! : (

I jogged 4.5 miles today, and walked 3 miles. It was perfect today. Cloudy when I jogged (and needed it cooler), and the sun came out to warm my walking. And the honeysuckle smelled just HEAVENLY. What a nice day to be at the park.

BTW, Terri--I forgot to tell you--Momma went to Talladega yesterday. She came home with a Jr. visor. She burned her body pretty good too. (rueful giggle). But she said she really enjoyed it.

Wish me well tomorrow, everyone. I'll be training with my soon-to-be-ex supervisor in supervisor paperwork tomorrow. Then, I'll jog for balance. ; )

Linda you ROCK!!

Unfortunately Jr. let us down, but it was a good show!!
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