Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I know I'm slow in posting lately, but I'm trying to climb out of retreat mode. Do any of y'all have "retreat mode"? When my life gets a little too complicated, I subconsciously retreat (probably my unconscious self trying to make life simpler) from the world. But the bad part of this is that this is when I tend to gain my weight. Because I stay in and mostly read--and eat. But I'm coming out. I always do. : )

Tomorrow, I begin training a new girl. Wow. I wonder how my first supervisor did it. I have no idea how many people she trained. The turnover rate in my job is extremely high. It's a high-stress job. But it is also a very extensive job. I'm still learning a thing or two here and there. There is SO much to be taught to a person. Usually a person has to train minimum for a month at full time hours. And even after that, there are many phone calls from the trainee, asking this or that. And I really don't mind that at all. It's just the whole training thing that is rather mind-boggling at first. I always sit down with the person that first day and mentally say to myself, "Okaaay . . . where to even begin." And I know that it's all learned one step at a time. But that first day is a little intimidating at first.

With all that in mind, I guess I'd better get some sleep. It's almost 10pm. : )

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